Dec. 17, 2015

Traverse Mountain

Traverse Mountain Lehi's Most Popular Neighborhood


Traverse Mountain is located in a very convenient location on the boarder or Salt Lake County along the east bench that offers an elevated view of Utah County and Utah Lake. Located in the middle between Salt Lake City and Provo.

About ...

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July 22, 2015

Selling Your Home For Top Dollar

The 10 Commandments of Selling Your Home for TOP Dollar

If You Are Breaking One of These 10 Commandments Your Home May Not Be Selling for Its Full Potential


1. Thou Salt Not Market Your Home With Lousy Photos

Over 90% of Realtors do not use professional photography for ...

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Posted in Utah
May 1, 2015

How to Negotiate With a Realtor

Is Negotiating Commissions With Your Realtor the Best Strategy?

YES...But Not Until You Have Negotiated What Really Matters.

While negotiating commissions is certainly a part of negotiations with your Realtor, it is not the most important part of the negotiation.  Before you ever begin talking about the commissions being ...

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Posted in Utah
Dec. 8, 2014

Million Dollar Homes in Utah

So What Type of a Home can you Buy in Utah for One Million Dollars?

Utah Million Dollar HomeIf you are living in the Bay Area of California you may know a million dollars will only purchase a modest home in many communities.  Watch Flip it to Win It on A&E and you ...

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Posted in Utah
May 15, 2014

What is Your Home Worth?

So What is Your Utah Home Value?

Today most people tend to use Zillow to get an idea of their home's value.  While this tool can be useful there are certain drawbacks that you need to be aware of before relying on it to price your home when selling ...

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Posted in Utah
Sept. 15, 2013

Utah Best Cities to Live in

So What Are Utah's Best Cities to Live In?

Provo Utah Ranked #1 in USA for Best Overall Well Being

In a gallup poll released March 25th 2014 Provo Utah ranked first for overall well being.  More than 500,000 people across the country were interviewed and Provo topped ...

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